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on a regular route of a railroad or bus or airline system

connected to a computer network or accessible by computer

being in progress now


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The Hartford Group currently is doing business online in the following areas: standard commercial, larger accounts, small commercial, personallines agency, employee benefits, individual life and group pension.
President and Chief Executive Officer Martin Feinstein uses a doctored line from the movie "Field of Dreams" to describe how Farmers views its online business plan: "In the Internet world, it's not true--you can build something and no one will come.
Do assignments that encourage students to participate actively in online discussions improve student learning?
If the Internet is to add to students' learning experience, online teaching should be designed so that it goes beyond "fact-finding" missions, that is, looking up discreet facts and information online and reporting it to the instructor.
He managed ACU's distance education efforts for more than eight years, helping establish the initial strategic planning documents and the university's first online courses.
Many companies jumped on the dot-com bandwagon in the mid-to-late '90s to create online brokerage businesses to sell insurance.
Education Foundation President David Cieslak agrees that online education can be a godsend to busy CPAs.
is releasing the results from its "Online Reality Check" survey in conjunction with the announcement of its expanded line-up of online products and services.
Stewart said with the current hot stock market and competition for clients, some ads from online brokerage firms clearly imply that online investors will become rich enough to own islands and bail out small countries.
Some online CPE vendors currently offer immediate feedback with online testing and grading; in the future, CPAs at the vendor will evaluate and provide feedback on participant performance in real time, rapidly confirming topics learned and suggesting areas needing further study.
The Online Content 2006 Survey; conducted in seven Asia/Pacific countries, shows that online gaming is among the most popular online content services for consumers.
Rovai (2002) compared online and face-to-face classes and found that dialogue was more important than structure.
The more innovative players tend to be the new e-enabling players such as Channelpoint (an online agent/insurer facilitator), InsLogic (an e-surance business marketer and processor), Ebix (an online agent marketplace) and Pivotal (e-surance fulfillment).
But Canadians are relatively comfortable buying services such as event tickets and travel reservations online, and comScore reported that experienced online shoppers up North are now venturing into expensive product categories.
This study investigates the students' perceptions of problem-based online learning in regard to computer mediated communication, benefits for learning, online support, motivation, and online collaboration.