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divination through the interpretation of dreams

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Finally, in the poem "Uncertain Oneiromancy," the poet becomes fascinated by the discovery of her own inner dimension where blindness exists.
The most significant aspect of this pre-Islamic legacy was how it conceived of prophecy, poetry and oneiromancy as phenomena related by the use of rhymed prose (saj').
My favorite is Rule IX: "All books and writings dealing with geomancy, hydromancy, areomancy, pyromancy, oneiromancy, chiromancy, necromancy, or with sortilege, mixing of poisons, augury, auspices, sorcery, and magic arts are absolutely repudiated.
From the outset she was closely guided by the illustrious Doctor Alonso de Mendoza, a canon and theologian obsessed with oneiromancy who in turn handpicked Fray Lucas de Allende to assist him as her new personal confessor.
Yet it is quite difficult for us to escape this interpretive device, and Bahrani ultimately uses the inscription to explain the pedestal as a dedication to Nusku as a dream god, designating it a "magical religious object" associated with oneiromancy (p.