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As stated, Tanase's literary debut is marked by oneirism, an aesthetic technique for the reconfiguration of a reality "overstuffed with ideology.
The new method, as Salvador Dali himself states, is not only an attempt to draw attention to the weaknesses of ordinary perception and understanding,--"pure, psychic automatism, dreams, experimental oneirism, Surrealist Objects functioning symbolically, instinctive ideography, phosphenic and hypnagogic irritation appear to us today by "themselves" as nonevolutive processes--but also an effort to order "irrational thinking" by means of a system of symbols, which should reconcile between one's immediate experience and complete abstraction (Dali 1998f: 266).
With it hung a Familiar conceptual tangle as well: What rereading of Western letters is possible, the work asks, what whimsical illustrations of it can we make, such that we might revel in, say, the delicious oneirism of Bretons poetry even as we question its exoticism--its literal lust For the other?
The comedy that fills Rogers' daydreams doesn't take away at all from the intelligence and the psychological realism of this film, which, in my opinion, outdistances by far many more pretentious films with their falsely aesthetic oneirism.
What he can do--and he does it supremely well--is draw the viewer into that mood of willful oneirism, using visual effects that are both dazzling and indelible.