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in a unilateral manner


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A one-sidedly organic-oriented worldview, moreover, betrays an idealistic attitude, one in which the power of sin and its deteriorating effects on communal life are denied.
University officials felt that the Economics Department was one-sidedly attached to an outlook "described by its friends as 'Neo-Liberalism' and its critics as 'Nineteenth-Century Ultra-Conservatism'" (Levy and Peart 2013, 55).
The church Roberts founded reflected his one-sidedly spiritual approach to mission; in the absence of a plurality of teachers, its theology was informed almost solely by his understanding of God and mission, including his imminent expectation of the Parousia.
The positive interpretations of the function of humour proposed by Koestler and Dover are to be preferred to the negative theories one-sidedly gathered by Billig;
Included pattern books for point, line and areal symbols are numerous, but often one-sidedly oriented.
I must confess, in the beginning I thought that since the establishment of the republic, the Kemalists had one-sidedly, brutally and disproportionately filled the academic posts with almost only Kemalists so that for a few years this imbalance had to be dealt with by using the overly-centralized YEuK system.
It was British Prime Minister David Cameron who led the charge earlier this year for the European Union to drop an arms embargo on Syria, which London and Paris had argued was one-sidedly penalizing the anti-Assad opposition.
Mestan was critical of Plevneliev for one-sidedly siding with month-long massive street protests in Sofia requestin Oresharski's resignation.
In other words, "Eurocentric scholarship" and "its one-sidedly presumed universality and totalizing tendency" (Miike, 2007a, p.
But the Christian introduction of forgiveness meets a claim from the opposite, in fact Protestant direction, where transcendence is affirmed so one-sidedly as to set it at right angles to any immanent working of the system.
Because research and publication on intelligence during World War II and beyond has been so one-sidedly dominated by British and American scholars, it can be argued, a true appreciation of the intelligence balance during that war remains to be achieved.
In response to the North's statement, a South Korean Unification Ministry official said it is "regrettable that North Korea distorted the process of the working-level talks and one-sidedly made it public.
His late girlfriend, Iris, one-sidedly breaks off their relationship after she finds that she has contracted AIDS.
To conclude, most of Naipaul's cultural verdicts in The Middle Passage are problematic in that he interprets one-sidedly problems in the Caribbean societies as self-inflicted, rather than as imposed from outside (Nixon 64).