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Synonyms for one-sided

Synonyms for one-sided

Synonyms for one-sided

not reversible or capable of having either side out

involving only one part or side


favoring one person or side over another

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Similarly, Adnan Karim of Mastung received the Man of the Match award in the game between Mastung and Awaran, also a one-sided affair.
For the one-sided constraints of type (A) we can select effective spring elasticity K and equilibrium position [u.
Next, the definitionsand some examples of probabilistic one-sided sticker systems are presented and some basic results concerning the generative power of probabilistic one-sided sticker systemsare established.
Aside from the one-sided nature of the book, meant to provoke, there are recollections cited from meetings where I was the third person in the room, and my notes of those meetings show little similarity to points claimed in the book.
The theory of one-sided M-ideals and multipliers of operator spaces is also a generalization of classical M-ideals, ideals in operator algebras, and aspects of the theory of Hilbert C*-modules and their maps.
Gupta [61] tabulated equicoordinate one-sided probabilities p, to 5D, for g = -3.
A friend sent me your article on One-Sided Parent Contracts, which I thought would be enjoyable reading during my "noon" meal.
If we are interested in ensuring that we do not overestimate the deductible amount and we do not care about underestimation, we can construct a one-sided confidence interval where we put all of the margin-of-error on one side of the estimate.
We are able to offer the retailer and consumer better cushioning materials at lower price points with a one-sided design," said Larry McKay, president of King Koil Inc.
ONE-SIDED DEBATE For developmental biologists studying left-right asymmetry, the fundamental problem rests in the fact that the vertebrate embryo starts out as a seemingly uniform ball of cells.
This one-sided, 40-cavity machine is said to achieve 60,000 bottles/hr when running single-serve, monolayer PET bottles.
But the compassion of your correspondents seems one-sided.
This handheld thickness gauge can be used with various transducer types to make accurate, one-sided measurements on materials.
Furthermore, allegations arose that the Bienal Foundation council had tampered with its own minutes to make the discussions appear more one-sided, and a frustrated Bratke threatened to resign; Villela announced her candidacy for the position, but then left the foundation when it became clear that Bratke had no intention of quitting.
The dodgy one-sided fiver she thought was worthless was valued at pounds 100.