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The further moon revolves about Mars in something over thirty and one-quarter hours, and with her sister satellite makes a nocturnal Martian scene one of splendid and weird grandeur.
The frozen little isle of Iceland has one-quarter as many; and even into Turkey, which was a forbidden land under the regime of the old Sultan, the Young Turks are importing boxes of telephones and coils of copper wire.
What I have done for you is less in proportion than the sixpence you may sometimes have given to a beggar for I am a rich, a ridiculously rich man, with no possible chance of spending one-quarter of my income.
Ward Valley Copper, and all that it stands for,--practically one-quarter of the world's supply, as I have shown you,--is a big thing, how big, even we can
Nevertheless, hiring was sufficiently brisk during the first half of this year to pull the unemployment rate down about one-quarter percentage point between December and June.