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determined by a single party

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But Scottish Labour this week suggested we should be up there with North Korea when they described us as living in a one-party state.
The highest percentage in favor of one-party government was 38% in 2012 and the highest in favor of divided government was 36% in 2005.
When you look at Massachusetts on various issues, that one-party state does not look so bad.
Peter Hain needs to remember that we want to move towards a democratic future here in Wales and not fall back into some socialist one-party state.
We will all have group meetings in the next couple of days and I would like to see a one-party cabinet instead of the mixed party cabinet we have at the moment,' said Coun Humphrey.
ITEM: On April 14, 2004, the New York Times published a report by Michael Wines expressing fear that African National Congress leader Thabo Mbeki's expected re-election victory might result in "an extended detour toward one-party rule.
Its laws and institutions still seem to fit the habits and priorities of a crusty, backward one-party state.
So it has been with one-party democracies like Italy under the Christian Democrats and Sweden under the Labor Party.
WHEREVER there is one-party government, sleaze and corruption are bound to follow.
No matter what happens with the hearings on campaign finance reform or subsequent reforms, come November 1998 we will again have mostly noncompetitive elections in one-party districts where voters have little choice but to ratify the selection made by re districting committees and party primaries.
The State contribution for retired State members in 2004 will be $331 for one-party coverage, $621 for two-party coverage, and $780 for family coverage.
Scotland was a virtual one-party state for decades under Labour and it has got us nowhere.
THE UK must reconsider the case for proportional representation as more power is devolved - to prevent the creation of a series of one-party fiefdoms across the country, a North East peer has warned.
According to Rizaov, this self-absorption and certainty that they will win, underestimation and insult of the public was not allowed to be manifested even by the communists in the one-party system when one party always used to win.
At, 25%, the percentage of Americans today favoring one-party control in Washington is virtually equivalent to the 28% who favor splitting power between the two parties.