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a one-line joke

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Tanya Brodsky is in such vaunted company; she makes one-liner sculptures.
You can keep up with his quips by follow ing him on Twitter @GaryDelaney T "Quickfire material of the very highest quality is pretty much guaranteed from the fast-thinking Delaney, a master of the deadpan one-liner" - The Guardian.
Vine, 47, won with the one-liner: "I decided to sell my Hoover ...
"Whether it's from such favorite movies as 'The Godfather,' 'Caddyshack' or anything Clint Eastwood, to a favorite Grisham book or even in everyday conversation, Brigham's wants to know--what's your favorite one-liner of all time?" said Leikauskas.
It was named the best one-liner in a poll of 1,000 comedians, industry figures and film fans by Sky Movies Comedy.
Each one-liner had to be able to stand alone without being introduced by another character's dialogue, and not be a comedy catchphrase.
But the horse that set up the "most exciting Derby in years" merited only an owner's one-liner.
I THOUGHT OF HIS ONE-LINER: "THE ONLY WAY TO stay free in the Arab world is to remain silent", when I heard of Mohamed Al Maghout's death of a stroke on 3 April.
Maryvelma Smith O'Neil enters headlong into these historiographical quandaries by treating the event that made Baglione the butt of historians' jokes, the libel trial he instigated against Caravaggio which gave us the irascible Lombard artist's famous one-liner: "I don't know of any painter who thinks that Giovanni Baglione is a good painter." It is a curious situation to face, when we know that contemporary writing was riddled with rhetorical tropes and yet take Caravaggio's statements as an untarnished record of an underdog fighting the art establishment.
That old comic one-liner illustrates the all-or-nothing nature of alcoholism described in a new study of problem drinkers.
Zany one-liner comedian Milton Jones is returning to the Black Country next year with his new show.
His winning one-liner (from an hour-long set of about a million one-liners) was: "I decided to sell my Hoover...
To be in with a chance of winning two tickets to the event, send in your funniest one-liner to the below above, to (Usual T&Cs apply, see for details.)
That pretty much sums up the shock-haired, one-liner maestro with the penchant for eye-popping shirts and his skewiff humourist agenda.
* HEN I was growing up, there was only one man who could deliver a witty one-liner - the late legendary Tommy Cooper.