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one part in a hundred thousand equal parts

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If we divide each millimetre into ten equal parts (this either requires a magnifying glass, and a sharp pencil; or an enlarged scale-diagram of a "millimetre", and a bit of imagination, and faith), we have a length that is now one-tenth of one-hundred-thousandth of the 100-metre "unit": that is, a length that is one-thousand-thousandth of the unit--namely one-millionth of the unit.
But by its hostility to virtually every part of the War on Terrorism, and its continuing assertion that in this war almost every step America has taken is an unnecessary and wasteful overreaction, the Left implicitly makes the argument that the dead of September 11 represent only one one-hundred-thousandth of the American population, and that although intelligent people understand the implications of this, the impatient jingoes who "control" the country do not.
Explorer Insurance Company, the auto insurance carrier and member of ICW Group Insurance Companies, has reached the one-hundred-thousandth in-force private passenger and commercial auto policy milestone.
But because the planets in the new system are about one-hundred-thousandth the size of their parent star, the wobbles they induce are more difficult to measure.
With Pro/ENGINEER, the team was able to adjust the outside depth of the product by a microscopic one - one-hundred-thousandth of an inch to accommodate a late stage change to internal subcomponents and ensure manufacturability - without having to rebuild from scratch.
Four of these objects turned out to reside in the solar neighborhood, indicating that they had a luminosity one-hundred-thousandth that of the sun-far too dim to be stars.
The Milky Way's dwarf satellites shine about one-hundred-thousandth as brightly as our galaxy.