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Still, the one-armed volleyball player refused to let the sarcoma keep him off the court.
Anybody looking around for a one-armed robber in the South Wales valleys is likely to be thinking David John Adams is one of the prime candidates," the court was told.
We have restaged much of the show to accommodate a one-armed Antony and have lost a great deal of rehearsal time, so I have taken the decision to postpone our scheduled press night.
They are all members of the Society of One-Armed Golfers, which hosts tournaments all over the UK and has about 150 members.
Among them is 75-year-old Don Reid, from Gateshead, who has been playing one-armed golf for about 40 years.
RANGERS fans have been warned not to make any one-armed gestures during tonight's clash with Hapoel Tel Aviv at Ibrox - despite UEFA clearing them of making Nazi-style salutes.
Arianna, who now refers to herself as "the one-armed girl," will be fitted with a prosthetic arm when she is older.
Acrobatics are very common, from a toddler doing some inspired cartwheels between speeding green Volkswagens to a man performing a one-armed hand-stand (having only one arm); even an entire family, complete with matching outfits, forming a spectacular pyramid three-people-high and five-wide.
A mechanic who tries to install a new rear soft door on a HMMWV by himself has a lot in common with one-armed paper hangers.
CORRECTION (ran 1/26/2005): An Associated Press report on Page B3 Monday about a one-armed truck driver from Bandon, Scott Cook, implied incorrectly that he received citations for driving his log truck without insurance and for speeding.
A pulpy potboiler shot through with equal measures of personal revelation, formative experimentation and palpable self-loathing, Tennessee Williams' dark tale of a one-armed hustler on the road to rack and ruin throbs with the problematic, dated stench of self-proclaimed gay sin, 1940s style.
George, who lives at Southport where he is a member of the Park, is probably the best one-armed golfer in the world.
The sleek costumes by Pilaf Limosner--skullcaps and one-armed unitards with leather yokes--added a futuristic feel.
The One-Armed Swordsman (1967): ``More Wang Yu, directed by Chang Cheh in a Shaw Brothers movie that almost started the genre, doing for kung-fu films what 'A Fistful of Dollars' did for spaghetti Westerns.
The off-course bookmaker has various products available - horseracing from the UK and abroad, virtual racing, greyhound racing, sports betting, Lotto, numbers betting and one-armed bandits.