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one part in a hundred equal parts

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Forty-nine percent of the respondents said they believed America to be Pakistan's biggest enemy, 24 percent believed India, four percent believed Russia, four percent said Afghanistan and one percent believed Iran, whereas one percent said they believed China to be Pakistan's biggest enemy.
Residential building maintained a six percent lead over 1999, while nonresidential building trailed its 1999 amount by one percent and nonbuilding construction was down five percent.
Even under deregulation, generated electricity will continue to be combined in a one-size-fits-all utility grid, so "nuclear electrons" will freely combine with "photovoltaic ions." The idea instead is that allowing freedom of choice will slowly change the electricity mix, and provide vital support for alternative energy generators, who aren't otherwise price-competitive (and now provide only one percent of the country's energy needs).
Retail price of yellow corn grain also inched up one percent, while wholesale and retail prices of white corn grain climbed 27 percent and 16 percent to P18.95 per kg and P29.92 per kg, respectively.
Now on humanitarian government, government has allocated one percent quota for disabled employees .
Aquino, who filed a bill to amend the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, said companies should also reserve one percent of posts for PWDs.
The UK, Continental Europe, and Latin America all reported average pricing increases of at least one percent.
He explained that one percent UFG means Rs 2 billion loss and in this way both the gas companies have an accumulative loss of Rs 48 billion.
So, the horse meat has risen in price by two percent over the month, the chicken legs - by three percent, frozen fish-by one percent.
Auto Business News-June 27, 2018--Audi acquires one percent share in SAIC Volkswagen
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 27, 2018--Audi acquires one percent share in SAIC Volkswagen
He said the outgoing Prime Minister had announced to reduce tax rate on the purchase of property to only one percent along with abolition of DC rate and FBR rates, but the same was not implemented as yet.
The index for 'Food Articles' group rose by 1.9 percent to 139.8 (provisional) from 137.2 (provisional) for the previous month due to higher price of tea (18 percent), fruits and vegetables (eight percent) and pork, paddy and maize (one percent each).
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