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of or relating to or practicing oncology


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Many people joined the event, literally adding their 'brush stroke' to the effort to support the Children's Oncological Clinic.
Przedmiotem a public contract hire centrifugal blood pump for cardiopulmonary bypass for the Department of Vascular Surgery, General and Oncological WSS them.
3) Moreover, a retrospective evaluation of patients with inoperable locally advanced, metastatic or recurrent MIBC showed that similar oncological outcomes may be achieved with chemotherapy in patients over 70 years of age without significant toxicity in comparison with younger patients.
In light of this paradigm shift and our belief that practice-changing decisions should be based on aggregated data rather than isolated studies, we present a systematic review of the literature (from 1995 to 2011) for oncological outcomes of PN performed specifically for tumours larger than 4 cm.
The OS of this retrospective study is encouraging for further prospective research in palliative oncological care.
Morrow raises concern that a failure to demand rigorous evaluation of oncological outcomes as well as cosmetic ones runs the risk of losing some of the gains in survival seen in the past decade.
Our initial evaluation suggests that the CSR restructuring does not appear to have had much of an overall effect on the outcomes of NIEHS applications, although applications in the oncological sciences are not scoring as well since the restructuring, and we are trying to determine if this is true in other topic areas as well.
With a special focus on PET/CT correlation and FDG oncological imaging, this text addresses the important role of PET/CT in managing patients with cancer, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, and other disorders.
Indivumed's unique structure -- a biotech company integrated into a network of leading oncological hospitals -- is bridging the gap between preclinical models and patients.
Robinson retired in 1993 from the Valley Tumor oncological group after a 10-year association, ending 23 years of practice in radiation/oncology.
The British Journal of Cancer is the official publication of The British Association for Cancer Research, The British Oncological Association, and The Association of Cancer Physicians.
if the particular use of the bone marrow transplant procedure is determined to be accepted within the appropriate oncological specialty and not experimental.
TAINAN, Taiwan -- ScinoPharm Taiwan, the oncological API specialist, recently announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had assigned a drug master file (DMF) number for its anticancer active ingredient Docetaxel.
Contract notice: 180 / zp / 15 - the procedure for the public procurement conducted in an open tender with a value exceeding eur 207 000 for the supply of equipment and material for the organizational units of the regional oncological center wss them.
para]]The products have demonstrated safety, clinical efficacy, and potential for widespread adoption to treat a host of dermatological and oncological conditions[[/para]]