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a gene that disposes normal cells to change into cancerous tumor cells

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The strategy used to discover the CPC oncogenes should also help researchers identify oncogenes that play important roles in other adult and pediatric cancers that include genetic changes called copy number alterations (CNAs).
Oncogenes like c-met and c-myc are one of the most commonly used targets for inhibitors due their involvement in various cancers.
elegans and subsequently in human cells that let-7 regulates the RAS oncogenes through complementary sites in their RNAs' 3' UTRs.
Novel oncogenes provide opportunities for drug development that may expand the number of therapies available for eradicating cancer and extending the life of patients.
By examining the seemingly conflicting roles of how oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes handle cellular stress, scientists from the Institute for Advanced Studies in New Jersey argue that each of these opposing systems could be potent drug targets in the effort to stop cancer.
However, proto-oncogenes can promote cancer development only if they acquire new properties as a result of mutations at which point they are known as oncogenes.
Oncogenes harbor gain-of-function somatic mutations that are sufficient to transform normal cells into malignant ones.
Researchers also discovered a surprisingly large number of instances in which the same set of mutations occurred within tumor cells, suggesting that oncogenes often worked in partnership.
Mice given the oncogene developed aggressive, fatal forms of lymphoma.
Through this alliance with Avalon, Aventis hopes to generate innovative drugs targeting amplified oncogenes, a promising class of cancer drug targets.
Both the activation of oncogenes and the inactivation of tumor suppressor proteins are involved in these pathways.
Founded in 1991, Tularik has been involved in the discovery of oncogenes as they are invaluable targets for anti-cancer drugs.
AVEO has already used directed complementation technology to produce model tumors driven by more than 50 different oncogenes.
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): Scientists from the Institute for Advanced Studies in New Jersey are examining how oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes handle cellular stress, and said that each of these opposing systems could be potent drug targets in the effort to stop cancer.
This work may have broader relevance as Src kinases are one of the longest studied oncogenes and are activated in many types of human cancer, including colon and breast cancer.