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infestation with slender threadlike roundworms (filaria) deposited under the skin by the bite of black fleas

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His primary research interests include tropical diseases, such as trachoma, onchocercosis, echinococcosis, as well as microbioma in native peoples.
Onchocercosis mansonella co-infection presenting as a subcutaneous nodule in a child.
Torroella Center for Trachoma and Onchocercosis opened in the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, state of Chiapas.
Ugandan: 81 samples from a mixed population of Bantu people (Toro, Kiga and Tutsi), were obtained during a study on onchocercosis at the Kigoyera parish, Kabarole district, Western Uganda in October 1991.
Clinical signs of canine onchocercosis include conjunctivitis, exophthalmos, periorbital swelling, photophobia, discomfort, lacrimation, ocular discharge, subconjunctival granuloma, ulcerative keratitis, and anterior and posterior uveitis (1).
Canine onchocercosis in Greece: report of further 20 cases and molecular characterization of the parasite and its Wolbachia endosymbiont.
After the first description of Onchocerca lupi nematodes in 1967 in a Caucasian wolf (Canis lupis cubanensis) from Georgia (former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), this nematode has been recognized as the causative agent of canine and feline onchocercosis (3,4).