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a person who practices masturbation

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Since the secret vice presented such an array of symptoms, the core of which were strong tendencies towards the solitary and secret, it is hardly surprising to find Robert Mighall, in his book on Victorian Gothic fiction, reading the protagonist of Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890), as a possible onanist.
A "wandering and confused" speaker, "lost to myself, ill-assorted, contradictory," undertakes a troubled and at times almost surreal journey that begins by floating over an array of sleepers, including many who would be marginalized in mainstream society--criminals, murderers, exiles, drunkards, onanists, the insane, "a gay gang of blackguards" (1.
As I have elsewhere argued, this inviolate male in Hawthorne (and other authors' works) overlaps with the construction of the onanist in the theories of myriad antebellum sexual and health reformers such as Sylvester Graham, John Todd, and Mary Gove Nichols.
Parker's alternative is actually quite difficult to figure out, but drawing on Sobcback (1995), I have characterized it as the onanist cyborg.
Gilbert, "Doctor, Patient, and Onanist Diseases in the Nineteenth Century," Journal of the History of Medicine, Vol.
These include the heretic (associated with the espousal of any sexual activity that deviates from the ideal of virginity and/or traditional gender roles), the sodomite (associated with a variety of same-sex exchanges and proclivity to sensuousness), and the onanist or solitary sinner (associated with a wide range of autoerotic acts and pleasures).
In a very disturbing and subtle series of tropes, each is alone, and each is left behind a separate partition: the visitor and the dead of the war memorial, and the onanist and the performer in the porno-booth.
In the midst of this tsunami of self-confidence, it was a joy to have the master onanist himself, Jean--Luc Godard, show up to remind us of the days when all you needed to be a world-class filmmaker was 24 frames and an attitude.
Critics, blinded by the novelty of his conception, were unable to see that here Barney was setting forth an early draft of his Onanist manifesto; they saw only the ex-fashion model, a beautiful face, a muscular physique.
They work to erase the reality of him as a pathetic onanist gratifying himself with images of children's innocence being violated, and recreate him as an intelligent, cultured, courageous maverick who fought an oppressive law and won.
13 On Eschatology, Onanist Scatology, or Honest Catology?
For centuries, the unsavoriness of masturbation, the scorn heaped on those who masturbated and the contemptible spectre of the onanist or "addicted masturbator" - two of many synonyms found in nineteenth-century medical literature, along with manufrictor, onaniac and onanophile - provided a focus for the social abomination of sexual deviance.
38) Notice, for example, how close Acton's description of the chronic onanist comes to the novel's portrayal of the Professor.
Of course, the infamous onanist is also, according to Roth, a private arena for bitter conflict between the id and the superego.
The most serious doubt must be expressed concerning Weiner's discussion of 'Icons of Degeneration' with its breathtaking claim that Hagen's physical appearance and behaviour are intended to be those of a masturbator: the section on 'The Eyes of the Onanist, or The Philosopher who Masturbated' verges upon absurdity.