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an engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges

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Additionally, birth rate throughout the entire lifespan was significantly negatively associated with the length of the post-reproductive in kulan and onager. Relationships between other reproductive traits and the length of the post-reproductive were non-significant throughout, as were effects of female identity, keeping, and density.
The birth of a Persian onager at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) in Front Royal, Virginia, on September 7, is a boon for a program that seeks to manage endangered species that live in herds.
Recent sequence analyses suggested that the equine herpesviruses isolated in the United States from onagers (Equus hemionus), Grevy's zebras (E.
34 The onager is a wild version of which domesticated creature?
This, we were told, made to stop the animals like the wild donkey, the Persian Onager, the goitered gazelle and the wild hedgehog from wondering to places were they shouldn't be.The trucks followed a distinct trail, one outlined by the staff of the reserve in an effort to encourage the ordinary members of the public to visit, but at the same time control their sauntering as well to protect nature while letting them enjoy the reserves, a point made by ecotourism experts who say nature and economic development can go hand-in-hand.
Equus pseudaltidens (Hulbert 1995) was described from the late Pleistocene Berclair terrace, Bee County, Texas as Onager altidens Quinn (1957).
He is one of those who walk[s] in darkness, in the shadow of the onager, in the shadow of the labyrinth of the wall, of the world ...
Try out the scaled down version of an onager, which is a Roman catapult.
The virus was also found in an aborted Persian onager. Thus, the natural host range is extended to 6 species in 3 mammalian orders.
Mr Onager my neighbor takes out the trash to the curb in his white/black
clothe his whole body in saharsubbu, which will never lift so that all the days of his life he will be unclean and, like an onager, he will wander outside the walls of his city." (10)
They also include cavalry and Roman stone-throwing artillery pieces such as the ballista and onager.