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an engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges

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We investigate three Asiatic wild ass subspecies (kulan, Equus hemionus kulan, onager, E.
KEEPERS at a zoo are celebrating the arrival of these exceptionally rare onagers.
The birth of a Persian onager at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) in Front Royal, Virginia, on September 7, is a boon for a program that seeks to manage endangered species that live in herds.
Recent sequence analyses suggested that the equine herpesviruses isolated in the United States from onagers (Equus hemionus), Grevy's zebras (E.
Equus hemionus--the desert-adapted onagers of Asia and the Mideast, including the kiang.
For years, archeologists assumed these were the bones of the Onager, a type of wild ass.
34 The onager is a wild version of which domesticated creature?
This, we were told, made to stop the animals like the wild donkey, the Persian Onager, the goitered gazelle and the wild hedgehog from wondering to places were they shouldn't be.
Posteriormente, Azzaroli (1998), sinonimisa la especie Onager zoyatalis Mosser, 1959 de la Fauna Cedazo; pero esta especie fue previamente incluida por Winans (1989) dentro del Grupo Equus francisi.
Several types of donkey live in the wild around the world, the Kiang (India and Nepal), the Onager (Mongolia, Turkestan, Iran and Syria), the Somali and the Nubian ass (Africa).
They also display the live firing of ancient artillery pieces such as the bolt-throwing ballista, capable of taking out enemy officers at 300 yards and the onager or `wild ass': a giant catapult, which earned its name from the ferocious recoil created when it hurled an 80-kilo boulder against enemy fortifications.
Equus pseudaltidens (Hulbert 1995) was described from the late Pleistocene Berclair terrace, Bee County, Texas as Onager altidens Quinn (1957).
walk[s] in darkness, in the shadow of the onager, in the shadow of the labyrinth of the wall, of the world .
Three | onager foals Keepers celebrated the arrivals of three exceptionally Nandita, the Asian elephant rare onagers, born only weeks apart.