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Antonyms for on-site

taking place or located at the site


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Previous studies have similarly shown that contraceptive availability--through either on-site provision or through prescription or provider recommendation -is highest for oral contraceptives and lower for the patch, IUD, and vaginal ring.
In addition to the recently opened on-site fitness center, Conshohocken Health and Fitness, the site is adjacent to a jog/bike path that runs from Valley Forge to Philadelphia.
Having an on-site child care facility is definitely an advantage in the recruitment and retention of workers,'' she said.
Unless it is a written guideline to have an employee witness either an on-site or off-site procedure, most customers, after establishing a rapport with the document destruction firm, rely instead on certification provided by the shredding company to verify that the information was properly destroyed.
Often we are asked to export an entire specialized course to an on-site location.
Two types of research can only be obtained through on-site research.
Although the central office makes the final decision, the property manager and the on-site manager - referred to in this article as the on-site management team - must be involved in the software selection process.
Again, we did not find any higher risk of in-hospital death in patients who had their angioplasties performed at centers with on-site surgery compared to centers without.
Distributive generation, on-site generation, clean energy--this is exactly the direction we need to be moving in.
As employers look for ways to further reduce healthcare costs, one strategy that is growing in acceptance is the establishment of on-site medical clinics and pharmacies.
On-site Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASACs) to provide screening, assessment and referrals to treatment;
On-Site Health and Wellness Clinic Operator Grows Nearly 20 Percent, Adds 2 New Clients and Opens 21 New Facilities in 2006
In recognition of the increased demands of investors and developers in the New York real estate market, Douglas Elliman, a leading New York residential real estate brokerage firm, has become a major force in the on-site marketing and sale of new residential construction, downtown loft conversions, and cooperative and condominium conversions.