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a market leader and pioneer of award winning pro-audio and consumer karaoke products, today introduced its 2005 On-Key Karaoke product line.
The introduction of our newest players, the On-Key Karaoke VideoMaker and Pro Karaoke System, redefines home entertainment, because both players give users an opportunity to create and capture the best karaoke experience in their own homes," said Jo-Ann Marlow, vice president of sales and marketing, IVL Technologies, Ltd.
The On-Key Pro Karaoke System has everything users need built right into a compact handheld unit and offers the latest vocal technology that automatically corrects a singer's vocal pitch or changes the voice with the different On-Key vocal effects, including male-to-female, female-to-male, techno and alien.
Similar to its counterpart, the On-Key Karaoke VideoMaker features the patented On-Key vocal effects to create a one of a kind performance with the convenience of a hands-free microphone headset, wireless remote control and a built-in video camera.
Singers can expand the song lists for both the On-Key Pro Karaoke System and the On-Key Karaoke VideoMaker by visiting www.
With IVL Technologies' new wireless On-Key Karaoke Video Maker, anyone can produce a flawless audition tape or capture fun moments with family and friends while singing along to their favorite songs.
With the On-Key Karaoke Video Maker, anyone can make enjoyable music videos to watch with their friends and family.
The On-Key Karaoke Video Maker features a hands-free headset microphone and belt-clip remote control, enabling the singer the freedom to add the latest dance moves to the performance of their favorite song.
In addition to the patented "On-Key" vocal pitch correction technology, the On-Key Karaoke Video Maker also includes a variety of vocal effects such as IVL's patented gender shifting (male to female and vice versa), duets and real-time vocal harmony.
The On-Key Karaoke Video Maker will rate your performance based on how well you hit the right notes.
6 has new encrypt/decrypt features in the Privilege Client API to enable access to the on-key encryption engine in Aladdin's trusted HASP4 hardware key.
Aladdin Knowledge Systems (NASDAQ: ALDN), a global leader in the field of Internet content and software security, today introduced HASP4, the first software security key to offer on-key encryption.
In addition to the higher level of security provided through HASP 4's on-key encryption, customers gain an improved remote update system and enhanced ease of use.
The on-key encryption provides us with a high level of security, enabling us to protect our customers' investment in SolidWorks products.