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currently happening


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A grand total of 51 schemes worth of 4056 million have been initiated in PP-05, PP-06 under ADP On-going schemes, New
He directed the officials concerned to ensure completion of the on-going development work under their supervision within the stipulated time.
Calida said the President deemed it necessary to extend the proclamation in order to completely quell and put an end to the on-going rebellion in Mindanao.
Of the 11 flood control projects amounting to a total appropriation of P121M, one is completed located at the Upper Bunog stream in Tinglayan while 10 are on-going implementation mostly in Balbalan.
The Portuguese said: "There was contact between the club and his agent last year and there is on-going contact between the club and his agent.
SEARCH: Police enter the house as part of their on-going investigation into missing Claudia Lawrence
On a less happy note, the "blindness" mentioned by Paula Adamick continues to plague us in all aspects of our on-going spiritual battle in Canada.
Hong Kong's biggest telecomms provider PCCW has reiterated that talks with China Netcom over its bid for a stake in PCCW are on-going.
University teachers maintain on-going communication with parents through weekly phone calls, good news notes, and/or brief before and/or after mini-meetings, which are documented in their portfolio.
First Point is continuing its on-going generative exploration program throughout Central America with its joint venture partner BHP Billiton, as well as on-going generative work in Peru.
SiteManager uniquely combines the simplicity, speed and affordability of low-end imaging tools with powerful on-going management capabilities previously only associated with more complex high-end solutions such as Microsoft SMS -- along with ground-breaking new wizards not previously available with any remote software management solution.
If the on-going investigation by the labor board concludes that the company used unfair labor practices, officials could nullify the election, according to Paul Richardson, the board's general counsel.
After all capital work had been outlined, a five- and ten-year plan was developed for on-going projects.
The number of patients requiring on-going infusion therapy after discharge from an acute care facility is growing steadily.
6 billion - is comprised of two different costs associated with the new tax system - the one-time cost to a business of implementing the GST and the on-going costs associated with collecting and remitting the GST.