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Synonyms for platter

Synonyms for platter

a large shallow dish used for serving food

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There is no more 'waiting, waiting' to find a computer online as news and scores are instantly sent to the members via mobile phone on a silver platter.
I've been looking for a way to strengthen my long-term economic health in the new year, and you handed it to me Monday on a silver platter.
With Idea to Action, we are handing our customers E-Business solutions on a silver platter," said McVaney.
When you can hand the managed care companies this data on a silver platter and fulfill their quality requirements, they take you much more seriously, because they know you are providing accurate, detailed outcomes data.
He handed me my career on a silver platter,'' said Buttons, whose breakaway suit broke away during one live Berle performance - along with his underwear.