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Synonyms for omnivorous

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Antonyms for omnivorous

feeding on both plants and animals

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It was not that I grew any more or less intelligent, but that my search for knowledge of lives outside my own led me into the pages of fiction which I devoured omnivorously and uncritically, book after book.
Porter did not want to acknowledge that her newspaper writing had been a vital part of her apprenticeship, a period she identified as the sixteen years between 1906 and 1922 when she was reading omnivorously and "learning to write" by imitating the styles of such writers as Laurence Sterne and Samuel Johnson (Thompson, Conversations 91).
She was an excellent golfer, and loved to travel, and read omnivorously.
This funny, wise short novel explores how things change when the Queen of England starts to read literature omnivorously.
Like many of the better modern poets--Dylan Thomas and George Barker in England, Al Purdy and Milton Acorn in Canada--Rexroth is mainly an autodidact, self-taught beyond childhood training, and, like most men who persist in learning from experience and in reading omnivorously, far more erudite than all but a tiny minority of PhDs.