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And when a play touches a nerve in the audience (as the post-9/11 angst of Omnium-Gatherum, by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros and Theresa Rebeck, did last year), it really hits.
Sometimes this kind of author is a garden columnist for a newspaper or magazine whose omnium-gatherum is a series of small essays, usually arranged by month or season.
Written for both the layperson and a growing army of culinary academicians, restaurateurs, and the professionally food-alert, Food offers an omnium-gatherum that explores, among other things, the relationship between diet and social hierarchy, explodes various longstanding myths, such as the belief that pasta originated in China and was brought to the West by Marco Polo (it seems to have originated in the Mezzogiorno, in Italy, and traveled northward), and manages to be both clear and streamlined without compromising the historian's fealty to scholarship and complexity.
The list of "diagnoses, events, and procedures" used for evaluating the effects of prayer was an omnium-gatherum of things that might happen or be done to any patient in the CCU.
1550)', in which Bruegel's famous Battle between Carnival and Lent (1559) is rightly said to be more of an omnium-gatherum of carnival entertainment than 'a reproduction of a real pre-Lent festival in an existing--Flemish--town' (p.
A father instructing: Ed Hobson is, in fact, a high-school history teacher who is as familiar with Ursa Major as he is with the casts of 1940s movie musicals, his mind an omnium-gatherum, mostly of American culture, but the optical accident of pictures in the sky and a clever game of cards can be accommodated in his view.
Instead, curator Philipp Kaiser presented a kind of omnium-gatherum, the leftovers of the last thirty years and more, as it were: a carefully folded cloth, patched together from old painting rags (Hudel [Rags], 1982-97); the artist's bicycle; and a homemade birdhouse in the shape of his little holiday cottage (Chasina d'Utschels, 1981).
The poem is a swarming omnium-gatherum of all (one hopes it is all) of Hill's major and minor preoccupations for the past several decades.
Even before Harold Prince determined to find a vehicle suitable for the precise talents of Georgia Brown and settled on this particular omnium-gatherum of melodramatic wheezes, Romain Gary had piled the Pellion of a Jewish mother/ concentration-camp survivor on the Ossa of a gold-hearted prostitute dying of the disease peculiar to that profession.
In Luser's hand the idea of the panopticon undergoes an interesting reinterpretation in that it also describes the ordering principle of the work as an omnium-gatherum.