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Synonyms for omnipresence

the state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once)

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The first section, "Tienes razon," opens the work with an examination of the omnipresence of death and emphasizes that "Los humanos somos todos por igual huespedes unos de otros.
If Montagu could find in the doctrine of mixture support for the anti-Calvinist notion of universally offered grace, the radical predestinarian Preston could appeal to the very same doctrine to suggest God's omnipresence and omniscience, thus refuting the putative Arminianism of an opposition stressing the place of free will.
The stated aim of Making It was to induce everyone to stop hypocritically denying the omnipresence of ambition in American life.
There may not be a man in America, short of a few presidents, who is more widely known around the world than Walt Disney, thanks to the omnipresence of the entertainment company that bears his name.
Another disturbing indicator of our new tolerance has to do with the omnipresence of guns.
They began to be aware of the ways that power permeates daily life, of its omnipresence, elusiveness, and intractability.
In 2006, the amount of spam increased more than six fold, making it a serious threat for corporate and ISP e-mail infrastructures, if only because of its omnipresence," said Robert Rothe, founder and CEO of eleven GmbH.
Folds provides evidence that Hell exists and advice about the way to get to Heaven, while suggesting that characteristics of God such as omnipresence, providence, and eternity directly coincide with discoveries through quantum physics.
Be conscious of his omnipresence and thus accountability;
Yet for the omnipresence of Sharapova's grunt-ing, the second anticipated sound - that of Mauresmo choking at key moments - was only sporadically audible.
In fact, it seems she's driving you lot mad with her omnipresence.
Although online education illustrates the omnipresence of computers in modern life, Spiers doesn't think a monitor and keyboard will ever make traditional, in-person school obsolete.
Reed's evocation of Faubus' backwoods hillbilly childhood--his perilous log cabin birth, the rows of tiny infant graves in the cemetery at Combs where his people are buried, the omnipresence of death and disease in an area that resembled a Third World country at least up to World War II--rings with eloquent authenticity.
In this respect, Tylus' methodology remains informed by new historicist work while arguing against what she sees as new historicism's overemphasis on the omnipresence of power-as-containment.
After deploying NetApp IP SAN storage solutions throughout our new Omnipresence project we were empowered to deliver capacity on demand," said Andrew Crabb, group manager of the Data and Storage Solutions Centre at Telstra.