omnidirectional antenna

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an antenna that sends or receives signals equally in all directions

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The manufactured antenna, whose measured gain pattern is depicted in Figure 9, has about 3 dBi gain variation in this plane, which is still acceptable for an omnidirectional antenna.
So the simulation comparisons between using omnidirectional antenna cooperation and using directional antenna cooperation based on beamforming are presented in the simulation.
In the simulation, vertically polarized omnidirectional antennas with 5 dBi of gain are used, and the heights of transmitter antenna and receiver antenna are 2.
The C-band terminal can display so-called be carried in a soldier's backpack with the entire ensemble including a ruggedized laptop, receiver; omnidirectional antenna and data processing unit; plus replacement rechargeable batteries.
However, using an omnidirectional antenna like a monopole antenna has a possibility to transmit signal in many directions.
In this paper, we propose a broadband HP omnidirectional antenna with a planar configuration.
The AP440 can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, vertically or horizontally, with a flexible omnidirectional antenna that can be rotated in any direction.
And where other systems deploy one radio with an omnidirectional antenna to cover 360 degrees, we deploy three radios with 12 high-gain directional antennas.
It transmite data via Profibus, DeviceNet, and CAN protocols as well as the more conventional Mod-bus using an omnidirectional antenna to reach sensors over a mile away.
The PDT-100, which weighs only three pounds, is extremely rugged and durable, due in part to an omnidirectional antenna and lack of moving parts.
For instance, KARK Channel 4 has an omnidirectional antenna that is used to create live feed for the station.
As well, the compact omnidirectional antenna reduces average install time, errors and cost by avoiding a satellite pointing procedure.
Therefore, designing a dualband planar omnidirectional antenna with narrow beams is still a significant challenge.
Packaged in rugged and weatherproof die cast aluminium enclosures, the radios are available in both directional and omnidirectional antenna configurations.