omnidirectional antenna

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an antenna that sends or receives signals equally in all directions

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To provide the increased connectivity demanded Laird engineers designed the new HCR Dual Band and HCR Tri-band Rotatable Shell Omnidirectional Antennas.
They can operate in the 698 to 960 MHz or 1710 to 2700 MHz frequency ranges while the HCR8065 LTE Rotatable Shell Omnidirectional Antenna functions in the 806 to 960 MHz or 1710 to 2200 MHz frequency ranges.
The C-band terminal can display so-called be carried in a soldier's backpack with the entire ensemble including a ruggedized laptop, receiver; omnidirectional antenna and data processing unit; plus replacement rechargeable batteries.
4/5 GHz 6 dBi Outdoor MIMO Quad Omnidirectional Antenna has four dual-band leads that support both 2.
The Anritsu mobile interference hunting solution consists of advanced software featuring patent-pending algorithms, an off-the-shelf magnet mount omnidirectional antenna, along with an Anritsu industry-leading handheld spectrum analyzer and Windows-operating tablet/laptop.
2011, Cisco's annual IT and communications conference, TerraWave Solutions([R]), a Ventev Innovations([R]) brand, announces its latest product release - the new version of its MIMO ceiling-mount omnidirectional antenna.
Icelandic Coast Guard Super Puma helicopters have been outfitted with NPS and an omnidirectional antenna, mounted under the fuselage, essentially turning the helicopters into flying cellular networks.
In the downlink mode, wireline voice communication is converted to RF and distributed using RADIAFLEX radiating cable to the factory and using FLEXWELL coaxial cable to an omnidirectional antenna for the office area.
PCTEL's expanded Omnidirectional antenna line covers the 160MHz, 220MHz, UHF and 900MHz frequencies with several high gain and broadband models available.
Two main categories of technologies are identified: - Sidelobe cancellation applied to aperture antennas - Adaptive beamforming based on 2D phased array The first technology allows cancelling adaptively an interference signal received from a sidelobe of the aperture antenna thanks to an additional omnidirectional antenna allowing nulling in the digital domain or at IF a specific part of the beam pattern.
The radios are packaged in rugged and weatherproof die cast aluminum enclosures and are available in both directional and omnidirectional antenna configurations.
On the ship, a V/IP-equipped PC sits between a single-line phone and a route, r which sends calls to the radio frequency (RF) assembly and, from there, the signal is transmitted to shore via an omnidirectional antenna.
Consistent omnidirectional antenna performance insures excellent performance regardless of module orientation.
In addressing the range of reception problems, Centris forecasts that 24% of consumers in difficult reception areas who only have an indoor antenna or a small or medium omnidirectional antenna will receive no channels, and a further 10% will receive only 1 channel.
today announced production of the world's first wideband omnidirectional antenna in a shrunken profile.