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not directional


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For practical consideration, the almost full space coverage is usually satisfied with the combination of two identical omnidirectional antennas [1-6], which are placed perpendicular to each other on satellite platform, or using two identical hemispherical antennas [7-10], where one of them is placed top platform and the other is placed to bottom platform of the satellite.
This paper proposed an omnidirectional dual-polarized slot antenna with high isolation for 2.
Based on the CTS antenna design of [19-21], we propose a CPW-fed folded slot antenna array with azimuthal omnidirectional radiation pattern.
In this paper, the omnidirectional reflection for a graded 1D superconducting-dielectric binary PhCs as a function of the thickness changing rate for both superconductor and dielectric layers is theoretically investigated.
In order to evaluate its response under different angles, we represent the omnidirectional band achieved with the conventional periodic structure H[(LH).
The new omnidirectional detector has potential use in locating hidden nuclear radiation sources, monitoring nuclear worker safety, hazardous materials assessment, and nuclear weapons surveying.
Their results indicated a preference for the experimental aid, somewhat improved speech intelligibility, and increased satisfaction under directional conditions compared with their previous omnidirectional hearing aid.
or Super Luxurious Omnidirectional Whatchamajigger) from Mike Myer's 2003 movie The Cat In The Hat.
06" H devices offer vertical polarization with a cosine shaped Monopole elevation beamwidth and an omnidirectional Azimuth beamwidth, a VSWR of 2:1 maximum with band edges of 2.
The AP440 can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, vertically or horizontally, with a flexible omnidirectional antenna that can be rotated in any direction.
based company say Axiom-X is the most advanced omnidirectional laser bar code scanner available, providing the lowest total cost of ownership with a maintenance-free design.
The Lynx D432 performs omnidirectional reading on a wide range of symbologies from the most common 1D and 2D codes to stacked codes, improving productivity and efficiency in any application.
PELE, but Cornell's robotic soccer players have gotten more efficient and agile, thanks to developments in omnidirectional drive.
This fella only had five hours in model in the last three months and most of that was logged on the hop, which ended with his omnidirectional dust-up at the base in the desert.
It transmite data via Profibus, DeviceNet, and CAN protocols as well as the more conventional Mod-bus using an omnidirectional antenna to reach sensors over a mile away.