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Synonyms for omission

Synonyms for omission

nonperformance of what ought to be done

Synonyms for omission

a mistake resulting from neglect


something that has been omitted

Related Words

any process whereby sounds or words are left out of spoken words or phrases

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Question Two Was there any error or omission in police planning and preparation for the semi-final on April 15, 1989, which caused or contributed to the dangerous situation that developed on the day of the match?
RA 8436 exempts candidates from unlawful acts or omissions that may be committed during elections prior to the start of the campaign period.
8436, thereby subjecting candidates to unlawful acts or omissions even before the start of the campaign period," Sorsogon Rep.
In-house CPAs responsible for financial statement reporting must also be concerned with the professional obligations associated with errors or omissions on a prior-year tax return.
Type 1 negligent omissions are ones in which the length of time between the agent's last awareness of his obligation and the time of the expected fulfillment is so negligible (in Barnwell's example a mere five minutes) that the agent could be "reasonably expected" to keep the obligation "continuously in mind"; Type 2 are those negligent omissions wherein the length of time between the agent's last awareness of his obligation and the time of expected fulfillment is too long to expect the agent to keep the obligation continuously in mind, yet not long enough (and without sufficiently serious circumstances) for the agent to take "extra precautions"--here, Barnwell's example is someone's promising at 4:30 to pick up another person from the airport at 7:00.
2 : the act of leaving out : the state of being left out <I'm sorry for the omission of your name on the list.
Routine omissions of care also place nurses at legal risk.
President Carter's book on the Middle East, a title too inflammatory to even print, is not based on unvarnished analyses; it is replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments.
Agents and brokers' errors and omissions insurance is a $500 million market with few big players.
This indemnification obligation shall continue beyond the term of this Agreement as to any acts or omissions occurring under this Agreement or any extension of this Agreement.
Today's litigious environment brings real estate agents face to face with increased risk that they will face claims of errors and omissions (E&O).
In the debate over the actions and omissions of the German Catholic Church in regard to the suffering of the Jews during the Nazi era, some have issued blanket indictments that twist the historical record.
John Poynton, owner of Browne's Gazette and Landing Light, lists his 12 notable omissions from the Big Racing Read I HAVE a racing library of more than 2,000 books from the 15th century onwards, and noted with interest the recent Big Racing Read.
CalSurance, a national insurance sales, service and support company, has enhanced its specialized errors and omissions program for broker-dealers with less than 75 brokers, the company said.
Due to the limits of space and the readership of this journal, I have primarily focused this review on the historical essays included in Minor Omissions.