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a code of silence practiced by the Mafia

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Omerta exposes state-sponsored terrorism and how it manipulates young minds.
Es la omerta de un silencio complice y timorato que paraliza.
Established 2003, Omerta Game Ltd is a UK company publishing two games: www.
Omerta was broken that night, but it's important to remember that the ' honour' laws always applied both ways.
USADA chief executive Travis Tygart welcomed the UCI decision and called for the world governing body to break free from the past by challenging omerta, a code of silence within the peloton which allowed doping to flourish.
When read alongside the report from the United States Anti-Doping Agency which explains why it stripped Lance Armstrong of seven Tour titles, perhaps cycling's omerta, which prevented writers and journalists from revealing the extent of drug-taking across the professional ranks can finally end.
African girls and their mothers must break their omerta before we, any of us, can help them.
And with that, they're Borgata for life--you break the omerta, you get whacked.
Until recently they too were locked in Omerta and horse-trading.
So I have to take a Sicilian vow of omerta on controversial issues for the term of my chairmanship.
Again, it's the breathtaking arrogance of racing's ruling class that reminds me of the mafia code of Omerta.
Blood is thicker than water Thicker than the blood of The Other Omerta binds us Back me up on this one or else
Que yo me acuerde ningun ex presidente habia faltado tan estrepitosamente a la regla de la mencionada omerta y habia sido tan molesto para un regimen que, ciertamente, todavia no se consolida ni se quita el desprestigio de un fraude que lo hizo posible.
But maybe if the breathtakingly incompetent residents of Soho Square spent less time pursuing every manager who breaks the footballing code of Omerta and dares to say that they are not happy with an unquestionably bad official, then the fuzz wouldn't have to intervene.
In doing so, Tony McCoy's mount became the first horse to complete the double since Omerta scooped the prestigious prize on the back of his 1991 Kim Muir success.