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a code of silence practiced by the Mafia

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Such was the strength of the omerta that only one person was ever convicted - airport insider Louis Werner, who tipped off the gang.
Established 2003, Omerta Game Ltd is a UK company publishing two games: www.
Omerta was broken that night, but it's important to remember that the ' honour' laws always applied both ways.
There are many more details of doping that are hidden, many more doping doctors, and corrupt team directors and the omerta has not yet been broken.
African girls and their mothers must break their omerta before we, any of us, can help them.
Until recently they too were locked in Omerta and horse-trading.
So I have to take a Sicilian vow of omerta on controversial issues for the term of my chairmanship.
Again, it's the breathtaking arrogance of racing's ruling class that reminds me of the mafia code of Omerta.
Blood is thicker than water Thicker than the blood of The Other Omerta binds us Back me up on this one or else
But maybe if the breathtakingly incompetent residents of Soho Square spent less time pursuing every manager who breaks the footballing code of Omerta and dares to say that they are not happy with an unquestionably bad official, then the fuzz wouldn't have to intervene.
In doing so, Tony McCoy's mount became the first horse to complete the double since Omerta scooped the prestigious prize on the back of his 1991 Kim Muir success.
Speculate all you like but the vow of omerta from those brave men will never be broken, possibly not even when Lord Stevens finally completes his investigation by the end of the year.
For instance, in discussing "Follow de Drinkin' Gourd," one oft-studied spiritual thought to encrypt clear Underground Railroad "instructions, "he says, "There is one song where--perhaps, just perhaps--the omerta has been broken.
negotiators' insistence that Central America's side, representing Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, swear to a Mafia-like oath of omerta.