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a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera

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No ascites or omental caking is present and there is no metastatic disease demonstrated in the liver or osseous structures.
The aim of this study was to review the English literature in the past 20 years concerning the rare occurrence of peritoneal, omental, and mesenteric hydatid cyst and its clinicopathologic findings.
Histopathology revealed an endometrial yolk sac tumor (YST) with superficial muscular invasion and omental metastasis [Figure 1]b.
Next the omental adhesions were cleared and the Hartmann's Pouch was mobilised.
All patients of peptic ulcer perforation were operated as simple closure with omental patch.
Predisposing factors may involve increased gastric mobility due to ligamental and omental laxity, increased intra-abdominal pressure, high negative intra-thoracic pressure during inspiration due to physical exertion and prior history of myotomy and fundoplication (1-4).
Abdominal yolla ameliyat edilen hastalarda, %18 omental flep kullanmis olup, geri kalan hastalarda doku interpozisyonu icin flep kullanilmamistir.
Patterns of omental and peritoneal involvement may not be truly diagnostic in many patients but it is very helpful to narrow down the long list of differential diagnosis.
Primary omental pregnancy with secondary implantation into posterior cul-de-sac: Laparoscopic treatment using hemostatic matrix.
While omental wrapping of the line is one main cause of catheter malfunctioning (Xie, Ren, Kiryluk, & Chen, 2010), only anecdotal cases of peritoneal catheter obstruction by tubaric fimbriae are described in the literature (Abidin, Spector, & Kittur, 1990; Macallister & Morgan, 1993; Moreiras-Plaza & Caceres-Alvarado, 2004; Sinha & Dastidar, 2011; Uchiyama, Fujikawa, Suga, & Naito, 2001), none of them involving adult patients with complex malformative syndrome.
Pathology showed "transmurally infiltrating poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the stomach, predominantly linitis plastica type, with extensive intra-neural infiltration and spread, with microscopic involvement of both proximal and distal margins of resection, and with metastases to 0 of 4 lesser omental and 1 of 4 greater omental lymph nodes and with intra-neural invasion present within lesser omental fat.
All the tumors treated with the simple closure with omental patch were at clinical stage IV of the disease, and emergency gastrectomy and lymphadenectomy were not performed because of the advanced stage with adjacent organs invasion.
We analyzed the proteome expression of intramuscular adipose tissue (IMAT) and omental adipose tissue (OMAT) in native Hanwoo Korean beef cattle (cows, steers, and bulls) by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)-based proteomic analysis, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and western blot analysis.
Among a subset of 25 patients, omental metastases biopsies indicated CD8+ T cells and memory cells were present in the tumors after NACT.
Data collection was made through observation, and a monitoring record was completed on a daily basis regarding the patient and the procedure made (age, sex, and inpatient care sector, indication for and total period of drainage, positioning of the drain in the x-ray, kinking, fixation with skin suture and with an omental tag of tape, obstruction and presence of a mechanism of obstruction of the drain, adjustment of the extension tube, outer diameter and length, positioning of the collection bottle and permeability of the air vent, adjustment of the system connections, complications related to the drainage).