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beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set

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Wragge, catching instantly at a word in connection with cookery, and harnessing her head to the omelette for the rest of the evening.
She had advanced her imaginary omelette to the critical stage at which the butter was to be thrown in -- that vaguely-measured morsel of butter, the size of your thumb.
She had advanced the imaginary omelette to the last stage of culinary progress; and she was now rehearsing the final operation of turning it over -- with the palm of her hand to represent the dish, and the cookery-book to impersonate the frying-pan.
Wragge was pursuing the course of the omelette in dreams.
Yet in the indulgence of a propensity so truly classical, it is not to be supposed that the restaurateur would lose sight of that intuitive discrimination which was wont to characterize, at one and the same time, his essais and his omelettes.
In attempting des oeufs a la Princesse, he had unfortunately perpetrated an omelette a la Reine; the discovery of a principle in ethics had been frustrated by the overturning of a stew; and last, not least, he had been thwarted in one of those admirable bargains which he at all times took such especial delight in bringing to a successful termination.
There was no need for me to draw Rouletabille's attention; he had already left our omelette and had joined the landlord at the window.
asked the reporter, pouring his omelette into the frying-pan.
The omelette ready, we sat down at table and were silently eating, when the door was pushed open and an old woman, dressed in rags, leaning on a stick, her head doddering, her white hair hanging loosely over her wrinkled forehead, appeared on the threshold.
He was entirely puzzled, but fortunately at that moment the omelette came.
said he, 'when once my omelette is made we will see about satisfying that man yonder.
The woman breaks the eggs, fries the omelette, and dishes it up without any more grumbling; somehow this squabble began to make her feel very uncomfortable.
While a jazz pianist plays, diners can munch on omelettes, Belgian waffles, bacon, sausage, smoked chicken crepes, shrimp cocktail, crab claws, bagels, lox, salads, pasta salads, marinated duck, carved meats (free-range turkey, beef and ham), Alaskan salmon, eggplant gorgonzola lasagna, Thai lamb curry, dim sum kung pao scallops, sweet and sour pork, pies, pastries, fresh fruits, California champagne and fresh orange juice.
Menu: Champagne buffet includes eggs Benedict, breakfast meats, salmon on bok choy, carved lamb, roast beef, ham, pastas, dim sum, sushi, omelettes, waffles, salads, shrimp, crab claws, cheeses, fresh fruit, desserts.
I had my knee operation last year and when I came home, it was omelettes followed by omelettes - and 'would you like another omelette?