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beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set

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To get a really fine omelette, which is what you need, I add milk to the egg yolks.
I saw something brown mixed with the omelette, opened it and was shocked to see a small cockroach inside.
Frozen to retain their light, bubbly texture and even flavour profile, Crown Foods new Omelettes save valuable preparation time, reduce waste and offer a cost effective way to provide versatile meals to all ages.
When edges begin to set, spread cheese along one half of the omelette.
3-EGG OMELETTE 602 kcals, protein 36g, carbs 15g, fat 44g, sat fat 18g, fibre 1g, sugar 2g, salt 1.
The 10ounces of American Sturgeon caviar piled on top of the omelette ordinarily retails for about 65 dollars an ounce.
Dr Omelette, formerly known as Greg Lewis, 27, of Merthyr Tydfil, was given the nickname after a food fight with his colleague Nigel Sullivan, 34, led to a pasty being lobbed at his head.
The omelette was cooked in a giant fryer which is 10 metres in diameter in front of a shopping mall in Ankara.
You will need a good 20cm (8in) non-stick frying pan and a suitable spatula to stir the omelette.
They say you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
This restaurant has been serving breakfast and lunch to devoted fans since its beginnings as the Summerland Omelette Parlor.
Dupea: I'd like a plain omelette, no potatoes, tomatoes instead, a cup of coffee and wheat toast.
Fold over to make an omelette, cooking just a few minutes more to melt cheese.
Passengers will have the choice of a compact Back Bacon or Sausage panini, or for vegetarians Tomato & Mushroom Omelette or Potato and Onion Omelette paninis.
Arrange half the beef on each side of the rice and sprinkle the omelette strips on top.