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Synonyms for omelet

beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set

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Bazin, who looked at his master, without comprehending the cause of this change, in a melancholy manner, allowed the omelet to slip into the spinach, and the spinach onto the floor.
Harriwell bellowed, pointing accusingly at the omelet.
Harriwell took his pulse and temperature, made a show of looking out for him, and doubted that the omelet had been poisoned.
You shall have a companion; we will send to the rectory for Miss Plym--the very person to chop parsley and shallot for my omelet.
The Fund brought the services of a branding expert, recruited the top-flight advertising agency Omelet to provide pro-bono creative design services, and obtained donations and donated ad space to expand the reach of this effort.
Cook, lifting up the edges of the omelet to let the uncooked egg mixture flow underneath, until the omelet is mostly set.
com)-- Long Tail Products, formerly Webko Products, a marketing and product development agency, has just released the initial offering in a line of household silicone products geared toward the consumer market, the Squish Silicone[TM] Microwave Omelet Maker, and new bottleBOSS[TM] designs which include both the bottleBOSS Wallet Size Opener and bottleBOSS Money Clips with unique laser engraved illustrations including: a Nautilus Star, a Bicep and a Cowboy branding a bottle.
Crystal Farms has also updated its Crystal Farms Chefs Omelet frozen breakfast line, which includes Western Style, Ham & Cheddar Cheese and Three Cheese omelets.
The only equipment needed is an omelet pan or a skillet and turner.
The latest, most socially interactive way to serve eggs is at the omelet bar.
The assortment features Mono Maki (rice rolls with seaweed, fish roe and marrow, or with fish roe and crab sticks); Nigiri (rice balls filled with shrimp); Futo Maki (large rice rolls with seaweed, fish roe, shrimp, mushrooms, marrow and sweet egg omelets); and California Roll (rice rolls loaded with fish roe, shrimp, marinated radish, sweet egg omelet and seaweed).
Number of eateries in a Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich: two cheese omelets, bacon, and sausage on a roll.
Wake up to a mouthful of breakfast with the Enormous Omelet Sandwich.
Yum-yum omelet Whisk together 3 egg whites and 1 yolk.
Robert Moses: "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.