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an informal word (abstracted from words with this ending) for some unidentified branch of knowledge

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Frank: Ology had a pleasant refreshing aroma, unlike some hand washes that have an antiseptic fragrance.
Ology is also a response to consumer support for the Safe Chemicals Act, which was recently approved by the United States Senate.
The sectors are energy, social services, water and sanitation, information techn ology, agriculture and natural resources.
The Ology Give self-righteousness a schloarly basis.
Mr Lane, a business adviser with coaching franchise Ology, said increases in absenteeism and complaints and a decline in customer care were all signs of SAD among employees But he urged businesses to try to turn the winter hours' condition to their advantage.
Another surgeon might have tried to embolize the bleeding vessel via interventional radi ology, but a facility for doing so is not available at our hospital.
The paper examines each of these representations and adds to feminist and organizational scholarship by including representations of African myth ology and heritage.
Companies mentioned include International Gaming Techn ology (IGT), Alliance Gaming (ALLY), Anchor Gaming (SLOT), WMS (WMS), Silicon Ga ming (SGIC), Casino Data Systems (CSDS), Aristocrat, Powerhouse Technologies (PWR H).
ALMOST a decade before she memorably played Beattie Bellman in the British Telecom adverts - "he gets an ology and he says he's failed.
CHRIS Baxter, 44, from Houghton-le-Spring, has set up his own business coaching company, good enough never is (geni) after being the UK's leading franchisee for global coaching network, Ology, for four years.
We've teamed up with Templar to give away three Ology board game sets: Pirateology, Wizardology and Dragonology.
The rules of the Human Fertilisation and Embry ology Act appear to be frequenly overturned.
I've been in a couple of their skits before,'' said Gabe, whose clown is called Doc Ology.
Exclusive to Walgreens family of companies, the Ology brand features a line of baby and personal care products, as well as household cleaners and is the solution to the growing consumer demand for products free of harmful formulations.
This month, we examined Ology Peppermint Flavored Anti-Cavity Toothpaste from Deerfield, Ill.