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an informal word (abstracted from words with this ending) for some unidentified branch of knowledge

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Inspired by the works of Ronald Heiner and the works of cognitive psych ologists, I will argue that individual policy makers as economic agents must make decisions in complex environments in which the difficulty of these economic agents exceeds their abilities to decipher the available information correctly and in an optimal way, thus leading to a type of government failure.
Displaying a discretion rare among music ologists, he declines to identify the offenders, but in contrast to many of the contributors to this collection, he favors the most recent, rather than the earliest, recordings.
The couple are Scient- ologists but are reluctant to discuss their faith.
anthrop ologists without complex arguments as to its admissibility.
Numerous employees and ologists have complained that the Service has stifled their findings, doctored data, and even pulled numbers out of thin air to justify logging programs.
Worse still, meteor- ologists say the "vigorous depression" moving in threatens to be the start of mild, wet weather that may last a considerable time.
Meanwhile, "Centuries from now," muses Dr Novack, "when archae- ologists dig up our civilisation, they'll find dust, bones and implant bags.
Jim Pollok, Yorkhill's senior cardiac surgeon, said merger talks would proceed to bring together Glasgow's team of two paediatric heart surgeons and three cardi- ologists and Edinburgh's single heart surgeon and two cardiologists.