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Synonyms for olive-coloured

having the color of green olives

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Another day you might be struck violently on the backside with a slipper by your mother after spilling some olive-coloured paint on the living room carpet.
But 19-year-old Elizabeth Lovelady, from Anfield, is luckier than most in that her glossy mane and olive-coloured skin helps her to look good even when she's just relaxing at home.
Chris, host of TV's TFI Friday show, planned to laze on the hotel's private beach and massage suntan oil into Melanie's gorgeous olive-coloured skin.
OLIVE-COLOURED patters are effective at STONEBRIDGE, which is fishing steadily.
The man in the sketches is 38 to 45, with olive-coloured skin, long lank hair and a distinctive handlebar moustache.
Slowly retrieved olive-coloured buzzer pupae have accounted for some good bags this week.
People are dark here, black hair, brown eyes, olive-coloured skin.
The man is described as having olive-coloured skin, aged 30-35, 6ft and broad.
The olive-coloured turtles, which range from two to five inches, were discovered on a flight from Africa and destined for the pet trade.
The man was described as being Eastern European with olive-coloured skin.
Love, who is facing drug charges in California, repeatedly lifted her olive-coloured shirt several times on David Letterman's talk show.
From Swedish women, who are distinguished by their striking blonde hair and piercing blue eyes to the sultry senoritas, with their olive-coloured skin and fuller figures, the secret of dieting European-style is clearly evident in the form of a woman's curves.
The first man who had his balaclava pulled off was around 5ft 10in, stocky, between 25 and 30, olive-coloured skin, wearing black clothes and boots.
They are recognised by their olive-coloured fur and colourful face and rump amongst males ( females have duller coats