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As anglers we have been very worried at the effects the floods have had on the rivers' fauna and in the early days of March, a few flies of the olive family were fluttering along the surface of the river.
Jasmine is a member of oleaceae Eoe1/4" the olive family Eoe1/4" but unlike the olive it grows into a small scraggly bush.
Oleo europaea is considered the most important member of the olive family, most probably for its fruit and oil, and was believed to originate in Asia Minor and Syria, according to The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees, Timbers end Forests of the World, by Herbert Edlin and Maurice Nimmo.
Ash is a member of the olive family and the last native tree to come into leaf.
The weak spring sun had produced a few flies of the olive family - the early spring olives that tend to be about early in the year.