olive drab

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Synonyms for olive drab

a dull greyish to yellowish or light olive brown


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a cloth of an olive-brown color used for military uniforms

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Pre Qualification: Cordage nylon braided 250 kg olive drab shade no.
Currently available in a black finish, later versions will include Olive Drab Green and Flat Dark Earth.
Paint experts from PPG's aerospace facility in Mojave, Calif, mixed the PPG Desothane HS 8221 series topcoat in original Federal Standard colors--dark olive drab for the plane's upper fuselage, wings and tail; neutral gray for the underbelly; and gray, white, blue, orange, green and red for the markings.
The decomposing body wore camouflage pants, olive drab shirt, and other accessories.
Themes included the military trend; either with parade jackets as a signature item, items rendered in olive drab and camouflage as a predominant print once again.
They were usually painted olive drab. The carrier we found was the Bren MK2/1 basic carrier.
The crimson red beauty you see here was once a basic olive drab can.
STOCK B5 Systems S0PM0D, 6-position adjustable FINISH olive drab Cerakote GRIP Magpul M0E TRIGGER Geissele SSA two-stage; 4.5 lb.
The frame is olive drab, but all the frame parts (except the trigger) are black, which produces a nice look.
It is not the case (as one so often hears in popular discourses and mass media) that the USA simply "puts" its military bases here and there, as if host nations were blank canvasses against which American strategists fling olive drab paint.
Which country's soldiers are noted for having clothes in 'olive drab'?
"That person was wearing an olive drab colored military style uniform.
I grew up in the olive drab world of military bases in what was then West Germany.