olive brown

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a shade of brown tinged with green

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The surface was greyish white at the beginning which later darkens and became greenish black or olive brown.
Females are medium-large (up to 51 mm in overall length), cylindrical in form, often with a densely punctate integument, principally green, brown or olive brown in color.
The alcohol preserved holotype is brown (near Olive Brown, 28) with pale brown (near Cinnamon, 39) specks on the dorsal side of the carapace.
Juveniles differ markedly, as they are olive brown above, whitish below streaked with olive brown (Mirza, 2007).
She is survived by two sons, Edmond Daniel of Auburn and John Daniel of Benton City, WA; a daughter, Olive Brown of Auburn; 6 grandchildren; 19 great grandchildren; 4 great great grandchildren and many nephews and nieces.
I got a little freshwater turtle--a tiny creature hardly bigger than a penny in circumference, and so cunningly designed, so neatly fitting, that he seemed to be more a work of art than of nature--an olive brown and green, jade colours shading to ivory, like a Chinese carving.
Older male skinks also experience color changes, sometimes completely losing their stripes and becoming a uniform olive brown.
Olive Brown, who runs a local ironmonger's, said the move would leave favourite character Josie, Jumping with anger and could wipe out the pretty seaside town's reputation as a toddler tourist trap.
Male and females have an olive brown coat with a pale underside.
They are now available in four new colours - deep red, olive brown, almond and soft blue.
In Veneers, A Fritz Kohl Handbook, the wood is described as "a beautiful medium brown to olive brown color in which the different textures, from regular to extremely wild, come into their own.
She recalls that her teacher was Miss Thomas and her pals of the day included Ivy Siviter, Constance Berry, Olive Brown and Millicent Denithorne.
It contains Vitamin E, an SPF and light-diffusing particles and comes in shades honey milk, midas, Sahara, olive brown and bronze ray, priced pounds 7.
Their bodies are light to dark olive, olive brown, or olive-gray.
The star of the contest, won by the school for the second year running, was Olive Brown, who retired at Christmas after nearly 30 years as a school cleaner.