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insufficient spermatozoa in the semen

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3, 4) the development of oligospermia, hypoplasia, congested blood vessel and exfoliated tubules but normal leydig cells.
Miroueh, "Effect of arginine on oligospermia," Fertility and Sterility, vol.
reported that after 26 days of exposure to high altitude (2000 m to 5600 m), male healthy mountain trekkers living at sea level developed oligospermia, a reduction of the total number of motile sperms and an increase in abnormal or immature spermatozoa [8].
It is also associated with oligospermia, but there is no evidence, however, that it causes any birth defects.
Reports obtained from eastern and southern parts of Nigeria stated that oligospermia and azoospermia are the common causes of male factor infertility which has been attributed to bacterial infections.
One study in an African nation reported that azoospermia was present in 31% (192) and oligospermia in 69.
La delecion de la region AZFa se asocia con Sindrome de solo celulas de sertoli, azoospermia no obstructiva e hipoespermatogenesis severa; las deleciones de la region AZFb con azoospermia no obstructiva, bloqueo espermatogenico meiotico e hipoespermatogenesis; de la region AZFc con azoospermia no obstructiva, oligospermia severa, hipoespermatogenesis, sindrome de solo celulas de sertoli y en menor proporcion, bloqueo espermatogonico meiotico; las deleciones de AZF a+b, AZF b+c, AZF a+b+c se asocian con azoospermia no obstructiva y sindrome de solo celulas de sertoli (SCO) (29).
In patients with idiopathic oligospermia, clomiphene citrate may be used as a form of empirical pharmacologic therapy.
Maugh (1981) evidenced that the gossypol alters the spermatogenesis, causing oligospermia and aspermia, by inhibiting the lactate dehydrogenase X, an enzyme that plays a key role in spermatozoa metabolism.
One of the difficult aspects of treating infertile males with idiopathic oligospermia is the non-availability of recommended medical therapies for men11.
Hormonal assays for patients having oligospermia were as follow: luteinizing hormone (LH) 12.
Casos similares de oligospermia y capsulas cortas con dehiscencia reducida, ocurren en algunas especies de Aristolochia (Fig.
The patient underwent a work-up for infertility six months prior to his admission and was found to have oligospermia despite his normal testosterone levels: he had then undergone hormonal therapy for six months prior to his presentation.
The World Health Organization has defined oligospermia (low sperm concentration) as less than 15 million sperm per ml.