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(economics) a market in which control over the supply of a commodity is in the hands of a small number of producers and each one can influence prices and affect competitors

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This works for the program content companies with multiple network offerings that are part of the oligopoly, but it doesn't work out well for independent networks whose rights are sold alone by their company, unbundled with any other offerings.
As oligopoly is one of the most significant market structures in free market economies, it is crucial to understand how firms operate in this type of market.
That's the economic power of a regulated oligopoly.
Further, we note lacunae that remain in the modern analysis of oligopoly and price theory that can be addressed by adopting ideas proposed by Rothschild in his 1947 article and in his later writings.
Large corporates enjoy access to really competitive rates, while SMEs and mid-caps who usually don't have access to live rates or an in-house FX expert are overcharged by a banking oligopoly which promotes opacity.
The second volume contains 40 selections on production, costs, and supply; monopoly and antitrust; and monopolistic competition and oligopoly.
Summary: Lebanon's cement market is an oligopoly controlled by Holcim, Sibline and Cimenterie Nationale, three producers benefiting from government regulation of imports which has effectively been a ban since import licenses were last granted in 2001.
For me, that several utility companies should raise their tariffs almost simultaneously and by comparable inflation-shattering rates is not the hallmark of a well-functioning, competitive market but rather screams of dysfunction and oligopoly.
Two underdogs, including Hyundai of Korea and Volkswagen of Germany, are expected to break the long-term oligopoly held by the top-six Japanese and local brands.
The Commission feels that the German market is insufficiently competitive, because it is overpowered by an oligopoly made up of E.
Thursday Trichet spoke about the existence of a "structure of international credit agencies similar to an oligopoly," describing it as "highly undesirable.
We have to break the oligopoly of the ratings agencies.
Mr Tyrie said: "The chief executives told the committee that UK retail banking was enormously competitive yet others described it as close to an oligopoly.
On another front, oligopoly by large chain store operators is accelerating.
United States obviously irked by rivals to its global arms oligopoly has alleged (in a cable made public by Wikileak) that Sri Lanka among other states has purchased arms from North Korea- a 'rogue state' according US.