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(economics) a market in which control over the supply of a commodity is in the hands of a small number of producers and each one can influence prices and affect competitors

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North Dakota, it turns out, may be the beneficiary of apparently protectionist legislation that has prevented its pharmacies from falling into the hands of large oligopolists. In this manner, it has preserved competition among the many diverse pharmacy owners.
According to market concentration [CR.sub.2] and [CR.sub.4] of preponderant metal mineral resources in China, these resources are monopolistic and each oligopolist according to its own profit maximization makes decision simultaneously in oligopoly market.
inevitable result of ordinary profit maximization by oligopolists. Such
Firms in cohort t, t [member of] [[1,T]], behave as Cournotian oligopolists on the residual demand left by firms of cohorts [tau](1 < [tau] < t): it is as if they would not take into consideration firms playing after.
At the kink in his demand curve, there is a substantial discontinuity in an oligopolist's marginal revenue curve.
The country's earnings from its oligopolist market position (it is worth bearing in mind that in many countries the definition of a monopoly position requires only a 25% market share) are around $2bn a year.
(83) The court distinguished Brooke Group from this case by noting that 3M was a monopolist, while Brown & Williamson was an oligopolist. (84) Further, the court held that 3M's conduct was anticompetitive.
In the oligopoly case there exist only several large firms in this field, namely, oligopolist. It is not easy for them to drive their competitors out the industry, thus they select in certain extent to collaborate to keep higher profitability.
oligopolist must factor the expected reaction of its competitors into
In addition, finish rethinking the social contract as Ford becomes a normal company (not an oligopolist) in a normal town (where labor doesn't come from one supplier) that must live in a global market.
The telecommunications industry is an oligopoly with Telmex, a firm that has significant power in five relevant markets, the major oligopolist. Although there are other firms competing against Telmex, they are limited because of Telmex's market power.
The oligopolist of the first half of the twentieth century became pawns in the wave of conglomeratization that swept the nation in the 1960s and 1970s.
The most often cited alternative is the encouragement of a firm to enter into an oligopolist pricing scheme where the new competitor prices its product at supra-competitive levels as well [Harvard Law Review 1993].
(5) A Cournot oligopolist takes rivals `output as given when choosing its output; Cournot-Nash equilibrium is the set of outputs such that, given their others', no one of the oligopolists wishes to change its own output.
If firm z accepts the offer, firm i operates both firms as a multi-plant oligopolist; if firm z rejects the offer, we retain the original N-firm oligopoly.