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(economics) a market in which control over the supply of a commodity is in the hands of a small number of producers and each one can influence prices and affect competitors

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It is important to emphasise that tight oligopolies may still result in a good outcome.
We are not arguing for more government or institutional intervention as we believe that such would not be an effective way to combat publishing oligopolies.
It seems paradoxical, but unfettered market competition tends to degenerate into market oligopolies.
As food systems became increasingly dominated by ultra-processed products, fast food, and soft drinks, food oligopolies made enormous profits and acquired the power to set prices at will and determine the terms and conditions of their market sectors.
Cirtautiene named a consistent fight with corruption, breaking up monopolies and oligopolies, and improving the judicial system, among other things, as main priorities of the president.
Monopolies and oligopolies are antibusiness, anti-SME and anti-competition.
What we found was that these oligopolies were often characterized by innovation and competition.
They show that the presence of a public firm actually harms welfare when the total number of firms is more than two and less than six, the type of tight oligopolies governments might be most interested in controlling.
A critical characteristic of many oligopolies is the requirement of high capital investment to build capacity, which results in high fixed costs.
1988, "Capital Structure in Repeated Oligopolies," Rand Journal of Economics 19, 389-407.
1) Mixed oligopolies are common in developed, developing, and former communist transitional economies.
They are seeking to expand their ties in the face of worldwide realignment among big automakers and resource development enterprises which could result in oligopolies in these areas, Nippon Steel officials said.
Economic history clearly shows that product prices rise faster than general inflation as oligopolies emerge, particularly when there are other uses of capital offering higher returns.
This new approach, effectively a whole-hearted endorsement of the industry, Collins said, will facilitate Government in imposing its own market structures-replacing the current `free' markets with limited franchises and oligopolies, much like lottery licencing-and subsequently draw a larger than normal share of total gaming revenue.
Today, those regional oligopolies are being supplanted by a single global oligopoly consisting of a few multinational players who are truly insurers without borders.