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According to conference statements, although implants should not as a rule be placed in healthy young individuals until growth is completed, implants may be placed in individuals with anodontia or severe oligodontia before the pubertal growth spurt [16], a recommendation which is still valid [19].
Based on clinical and radiographic examination, diagnosis of ectodermal dysplasia with oligodontia was made.
An intricate control of Wnt signal activity is necessary for normal tooth development, since point change and frameshift mutations may inhibit or stimulate Wnt signaling and may result in severe oligodontia, sporadic incisor agenesis, and colorectal cancer [Lammi et al.
23) Mutations in PAX9, another transcription factor, cause oligodontia involving molar teeth.
Dental abnormalities include microdontia, oligodontia or hypodontia.
Oligodontia is genetic as well and is the term most commonly used to describe conditions in which more than six teeth are missing.
Oligodontia is a frequent finding and most cases presented with congenitally missing mandibular incisors.
Oligodontia is the most characteristic feature of the oral cavity.
Exclusion of coding region mutations in MSX1, PAX9 and AXIN2 in eight patients with severe oligodontia phenotype Orthod Craniofac Res 2006; 9:129-136.
Simultaneous occurrence of unusual odontodysplasia and oligodontia in the permanent dentition: report of a case.
Oligodontia is the category of missing teeth when there is more the six teeth missing, it is usually associated with syndromes.
From analysis of families 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8, a significant link between mesio-distal reduction and oligodontia was found.