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any of a series of triclinic feldspars that form rocks

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The trachyandesite of Unit D is distinctive in that the groundmass plagioclase laths are oligoclase, simply carlsbad twinned and bluntly terminated, rather than tapered; and the groundmass is mostly intersertal, with pale brown to clear glass which is sometimes altered to brown smectite.
Product Overview II-3 Feldspar: A Common Silicate II-3 General Chemical Formula II-3 Na-Feldspars are Widely Used II-3 Physical Properties II-4 Grades II-4 Glass Grade II-4 Ceramic Body Grade II-4 Glaze Grade II-4 Types II-5 Potassium Feldspar Group II-5 Plagioclase Feldspar Group II-5 Other Feldspars II-5 Rare Feldspars II-5 Characteristics of Major Feldspar Minerals II-6 Albite (moonstone) II-6 Oligoclase Feldspar II-6 Anorthite II-7 Microcline II-7 Orthoclase II-8 History II-8 Feldspars as Gemstones II-8 Principal Stones in Feldspar Group II-9 Labradorite II-9 Moonstone II-9 Sunstone II-9 Amazonite II-9 Orthoclase II-10 Occurrence II-10 Ores and Production Process II-10 Places of Origin II-10 Production II-11
Plagioclase is strongly zoned from labradorite to oligoclase, based on petrographic determinations using extinction angles and on electron microprobe analyses in 3 samples (Fig.
Free plagioclase is oligoclase in composition and it is often zoned or twinned.
In thin section, large perthitic K-feldspar megacrysts are in a hypidiomorphic granular matrix of normal to oscillatory zoned oligoclase, perthitic orthoclase-microcline, quartz, dark brown to orange-brown biotite, pinitized cordierite, and minor muscovite.
Those in the southeast preserve common staurolite-garnet-biotite assemblages, whereas staurolite appears in association with oligoclase porphyroblasts in the northwest.
Commonly, nearly all the amphibole is blue green and the accompanying plagioclase compositions range from oligoclase to andesine.