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any of a series of triclinic feldspars that form rocks

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In oligoclase, beryl and cordierite, the inclusions are eye-visible, whereas in the Gold Sheen sapphires they are distinguishable only with magnification.
Some samples contain oligoclase mantles around perthite (rapakivi texture) or vice versa.
The trachyandesite of Unit D is distinctive in that the groundmass plagioclase laths are oligoclase, simply carlsbad twinned and bluntly terminated, rather than tapered; and the groundmass is mostly intersertal, with pale brown to clear glass which is sometimes altered to brown smectite.
John Bradshaw, Coast-to-Coast Rare Stones International, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, for 21 bags containing part-cut crystals of: apatite (Canada and Mexico), cassiterite (Namibia), celestine (Kansas, USA), cerrusite (Namibia), crocoite (Tasmania, Australia), diaspore (Turkey), oligoclase (Kenya), pollucite (Conneticut, USA), scheelite (Pakistan and Arizona, USA), smithsonite (Namibia), sphalerite (Spain), tourmaline (Maine, USA, and Afghanistan), tugtupite (Greenland), willemite/leucophoenicite (New Jersey, USA) and zincite on calcite (New Jersey); and also for 95 faceted mixed-shape tourmalines, mostly pink, green and blue.
Euhedral to subhedral zoned oligoclase to andesine plagioclase (30% to 40%) and anhedral quartz (20% to 30%), in small pods, are the primary constituents of the rock.
Plagioclase is strongly zoned from labradorite to oligoclase, based on petrographic determinations using extinction angles and on electron microprobe analyses in 3 samples (Fig.
The compound, blocky, elaborately grooved, thumbnail-size oligoclase crystals resemble slightly chewed-on artists' erasers, but nevertheless they were moving briskly to customers in the tent of Daniel Gol Mineraux (danielgol@free.
Additionally, limited exchange of xenocrysts (labradorite, edenitic amphibole, and bronzite in dacites, oligoclase and andesine in andesitic enclaves) might have occurred during this entrainment stage.
The specific surface area in all size fractions increased in order: quartz (no cleavage), olivine (less regular cleavage {001}), albite < oligoclase, bytownite (cleavage of feldspars {00} and {010}) < hornblende, diopside (stark crossing cleavage {110}).
Free plagioclase is oligoclase in composition and it is often zoned or twinned.
In thin section, large perthitic K-feldspar megacrysts are in a hypidiomorphic granular matrix of normal to oscillatory zoned oligoclase, perthitic orthoclase-microcline, quartz, dark brown to orange-brown biotite, pinitized cordierite, and minor muscovite.
4 mm) are equal to oligoclase and have albite-like lamellae pattern.
Plagioclase ranging in composition from albite to oligoclase occurs in plagioclase phonolite, phonotephrite, and tephriphonolite and in Proterozoic rocks.