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a political system governed by a few people

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The governor's warning against crony capitalism and oligarchies is a reiteration of his statements four days before the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008.
Does he realise, no matter how miniscule this congeries of entrenched oligarchies may be, how formidable and how unchallengeable is this rapacious parasitical lot?
So the creation of oligarchies are their answer to stemming democratic accountability with any teeth
Should brokerage oligarchies reign forever, as Erin Fogg points out (Risk & Insurance[R], April 1, 2007, Page 58)?
The kind of state formation that most of the essays discuss, most notably Satadru Sen's essay on the colonial state's efforts to engineer particular types of nuclear families in the penal colonies of the Andaman Islands, are mostly anti-democratic, limited oligarchies, unlike the types of republican forms of government that frame the work of Cott and Hunt, for instance.
The second uses soccer to address economics: migration, corruption, the rise of soccer oligarchies.
It is the language in which ruling oligarchies customarily assert their authority.
As at the end of the 20th century only four (Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine) are categorised by Roeder as democracies; six (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) are categorised as autocracies, which are governed exclusively by a small group; three (Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan) are categorised as oligarchies, where the selectorate is a broader group of bureaucrats; and two (Estonia and Latvia) are categorised as exclusive republics, where the selectorate comprises a wide section of society, but not all persons of voting age.
And two decades into America's long-running "wars" on crime and drugs, we spend $40 billion a year to keep 2 million people locked up in the world's largest archipelago of prisons and use our tremendous military might to shore up Central American oligarchies with human rights records that would embarrass China, but we haven't made a dent in the price or purity of street drugs.
Old ideas--evil empires, abortion, oil oligarchies, Star Wars, Clinton reimpeachment, gay invisibility.