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of or relating to or supporting or characteristic of an oligarchy


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The Punic gerousia seems to have been a fairly broad oligarchical but the One Hundred and Four was narrower group.
The main exception is Melanesia, which has traditionally been a more egalitarian society, although more oligarchical forms of rule have now been established around reputation, family, or finance.
While the control of the elections in Iran is a matter of crude and blatant engineering by the ruling factions, in the US the oligarchical machination of money and power limits the choices that people have, habitually setting one faction of the ruling elite against the other.
Some members of the Ottoman elite, for example, tended to present Japan as a model for an oligarchical and centralized government with some provision for civic participation.
Well, the past 12 months haven't been too different for Turkish cinema, either -- the box office is still monopolized by an oligarchical cult of distributors and producers while alternative arthouse productions are stamped down on and the existence of national film festivals has been put through the dire test of censorship.
In all of them, he says, liberal democracy is gradually changing into an oligarchical system that restricts real citizenship to just half the population at most.
12) Union Democracy therefore leaves us with the two-pronged conclusion that although internal union democracy is an unrealistic societal objective, strong, oligarchical unions serve a counterbalancing role in the plural elite system of governance.
The increasing consolidation of executive control to an oligarchical group may create potential weakness if 'bold, incorrect views' are present," wrote Adrian Bartoli.
Proposed bromides include banning mergers between large, profitable firms (which reduces competition and almost always results in layoffs), setting up federal businesses to compete in undercompetitive sectors (such as establishing a federal bank that gives loans at much lower rates than the outrageously high rates of most credit cards), taking steps to lower oil prices (which Batra contends are propped artificially high through oligarchical industry actions), offering government-issue bonds with a set, stable interest rate to pensioners whose incomes have evaporated as interest rates have fallen, and more.
If the degree of oligarchical power depends on the concentration of wealth and rules governing the conversion of wealth into power, two developments in recent decades have pushed American politics in that direction: The gains from growth have gone overwhelmingly to the top, and the Supreme Court has effectively eliminated legal barriers to the use of money in political campaigns.
The secret will be found to be in the making [man] the depository of the powers respecting himself, so far as he is competent to them, and delegating only what is beyond his competence by a synthetical process, to higher and higher orders of functionaries, so as to trust fewer and fewer powers in proportion as the trustees become more and more oligarchical.
Cueva points out that in the strictest sense, the transition from feudalism to capitalism in Latin America did not take place in the twentieth century, because "this process, in the most general terms, had already taken place in the oligarchical phase" (ibid.
The effects of treating Erdogan like a reasonable actor when he is clearly crazy are not only being felt by the people of Turkey, who have seen their democracy curdle into authoritarian one-man rule and their economic miracle turn into an oligarchical prison-house built on enormous mountains of debt.
The Managerial Revolution itself appears in 1984 as Emmanuel Goldstein's forbidden book The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism.
Whether the approach you take is topdown with a CRM czar, as Sullivan suggests, or something more oligarchical, to have good uptake, the relevant teams must be represented early.