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of or relating to or supporting or characteristic of an oligarchy


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That should emerge more clearly in the coming month, as both sides muster their political assets, define their strategies and tactics, and engage in a good old fashioned political brawl that should determine whether the dignity and rights of citizens or the perpetual incumbency of a sectarian and often family-based oligarchic power structure triumphs.
3) Although the leaders of the oligarchic coup are briefly portrayed by Thucydides in the eighth book of his Histories, we would like to know more about the less prominent, but by no means unimportant, figures, to whom only occasional references are made in our sources.
Unfortunately, today's protesters, who claim to be the instigators of what might be called the 'Heavenly Blessed August 24 Revolution', boast that they are opposed to the Islamisation of Egypt, describing themselves as the true defenders of the civilian state, despite the fact that they are sons of the old, oligarchic regime.
During the Vladimir Putin era, according to media, Putin and his friends became oligarchs while the Boris Yeltsin-era Russian oligarchs were turned into vassals of the Kremlin (only Alexander Lebedev, preserving the status of a Russia-based oligarch, manages to give some criticism about the regime), but the middle class cannot stand the Putin-managed oligarchic regime anymore (the Kremlin allowed oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov to act as one of its pseudo-rivals during the current presidential campaign, though such PR tricks do not satisfy the electorate anymore).
If the US were to become the first developed country to experiment with a flat tax, that shift would tend to confirm what many suspect but hope is not true: that America is broke, desperate for inward investment, incompetently governed, and increasingly ruled by a self-regarding oligarchic elite.
A journalist by profession and self-identified feminist, she is well-known for making searing comments concerning the oligarchic nature and privatization that has denoted Netanyahu's government.
An end to oligarchic dictatorship, and its replacement with parliamentary democracy;
Indeed, if America has become more oligarchic and less democratic over the past 30 years--which it has--that's to an important extent due to the decline of private-sector unions.
The breakdown of the Bolivian oligarchic system and "how thinking about public health changed in a more populist political atmosphere" is a common theme found in the first three case studies (p.
EVROKO's Rikkos Erotokritou said the proposal would lead to an oligarchic parliament and shrinkage of democratic representation.
The oligarchic and self-recruiting councils of municipal communities possessed great power - but power of seigneurial origin.
We are eyeing a country (Turkey) that has built its infrastructure, progressed in science and technology to the highest levels, embraced true democracy and freed itself of oligarchic guardianship," said Erdogan.
Our only enemy is North American Imperialism and its oligarchic lackeys," read the statement published on the ANNCOL news agency website, often the first to carry Colombian rebel statements.
Chapter 4, the central part of the book, argues that capitalism has four types--state-guided capitalism, oligarchic capitalism, big-firm capitalism and entrepreneurial capitalism.
Oligarchic electoral systems are the most common type of authoritarian systems, many emerging from the crisis of military dictatorship of the 1970-80's.