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The 13 papers in this collection describe such fish olfaction topics as the development and evolution of the olfactory organ in Gnathostome fish, responses to amino acids in rainbow trout, olfactory discrimination, recordings of stimulated goldfish, cross-adaptation, alarm reactions, solitary chemosensory cells, the Barbel taste system in catfish and goatfish, taste bud cells and their behavior, the role of gustation in comparisons of species based on volumetric brain data, and taste tests for the nine-spined stickleback from the Moscow River and White Sea basins.
Although long believed to be a vestigial olfactory organ of no clinical significance, recent studies have raised questions about its possible role in pheromone communication among humans.
The 125-[micro]M dose resulted in expression in epithelial cells of the developing skin, gill, olfactory organ, digestive tract, liver, pronephric ducts of the pronephros, and in the lateral line neuromasts (Figure 3).
The ability to identify and appreciate flavors comes from the olfactory organ behind the nose.
Palmstrom builds an olfactory organ And on it plays Korf's sneezewort sonata.