olfactory nerve

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a collective term for numerous olfactory filaments in the nasal mucosa

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At first, I thought my olfactory nerves were just on overdrive and was finding fault in him.
Raisman, a UCL spinal injury specialist, worked with surgeons at Wroclaw University Hospital in Poland to remove one of Fidyka's olfactory bulbs, which give people their sense of smell, and transplant his olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) and olfactory nerve fibroblasts (ONFs) into the damaged area.
She said a freak fall ahead of filming severed her olfactory nerve, robbing her of her sense of smell.
Mrs Beard revealed she left the show just before filming began on episode five after a freak fall severed her olfactory nerve, robbing her of her sense of smell.
The damage was so extreme that Mulligan's olfactory nerve was destroyed and he cannot smell, Smith said.
When these mice smelled the odor associated with the electrical shocks, the amount of neurotransmitter -- chemicals that carry communications between nerve cells -- released from the olfactory nerve into the brain was as big as if the odor were four times stronger than it actually was.
The virus might also enter the brain from the nose by crawling along the olfactory nerve, Smeyne says.
The relations of the olfactory nerve and the neuropil to the neurons in the procerebrum can be seen when the neuropil is stained with antibodies to SCP.
BARCELONA - Long-term welding work might be a risk factor for developing parkinsonism - perhaps because manganese fumes can travel directly into the midbrain via the olfactory nerve.
I feel that the most significant effect of tobacco smoke on dogs is that it inflames the mucous membranes in the back of the nose where the olfactory nerve endings pick up scent.
The olfactory nerve cells in the nose are replaced every 30-60 days, whereas the neurons that help us see or hear are never replaced when they're damaged.
Morphologic and behavioral studies have shown that the olfactory system recovers after bilateral olfactory nerve transection (BNX).
The axons of the ORNs will regenerate through the olfactory nerve and enter the olfactory bulb (OB) of the CNS, where they will make new synaptic contacts [16-17].
Damage to the olfactory nerve, the area of the nose responsible for your sense of smell, can lead to more permanent smell disorders.
BACKGROUND: Studies in monkeys with intranasally instilled gold ultrafine particles (UFPs; < 100 nm) and in rats with inhaled carbon UFPs suggested that solid UFPs deposited in the nose travel along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb.