olfactory impairment

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a disorder in the sense of smell

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The common point of these studies with different patterns is that there is a correlation between olfactory impairment observed at the early stage of IPD and poor episodic verbal memory scores (5,6,7,8).
29) first claimed that olfactory impairment is associated with hippocampal dopaminergic denervation.
In a study conducted by Stephenson (2), after a follow-up period of 2-6 years, IPD patients that did not initially have dementia started to exhibit olfactory impairment and visual hallucinations and developed dementia.
Olfactory impairment in older adults: five-year incidence and risk factors.
Olfactory impairment in presymptomatic Alzheimer's disease.
An unrecognized environmental exposure may have increased the number of individuals with olfactory impairments or increased the likelihood that concussion would cause impaired olfaction.
She and other researchers estimate that half of the people 65 and older have major olfactory impairment.
Olfactory impairment also makes older people lose cues for appetite, such as the aromas a restaurant produces or the smell of fresh bread from the supermarket bakery.
This olfactory impairment, they say, is detectable in "the very early stages of the disease" and therefore might be useful as a signal for the presence of the disease.
Fischer, "Association of exercise with lower long-term risk of olfactory impairment in older adults," JAMA Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery, vol.
Olfactory impairment is common enough in premotor Parkinson's that some researchers propose using it as an early predictor of risk (Ann.
Research in mice has shown that NPSLE-like symptoms and olfactory impairment might be induced by autoimmune mechanisms that target specific areas of the brain, but this has not been explored.
Although the exact mechanism of olfactory impairment has yet to be elucidated, the possibility of an immune-mediated mechanism is intriguing," the authors said.
In a study that included 54 polysomnographically confirmed cases of RBD and 54 age- and sex-matched controls, marked olfactory impairment was observed in 33 of the RBD group, compared with only nine of the controls (Brain Res.