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of or relating to olfaction


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The kind of inflammation associated with immune system reactions to fight infection or injury appears to be part of a single system linked to tissue regeneration, so that normal healing of the olfactory system can't happen without it, according to investigators at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
KEY WORDS: Sinonasal tract, Olfactory neuroblastoma, Esthesioneuroblastoma, Immunohistochemistry.
Quantity or scope: Purchase of a gas chromatography apparatus coupled with mass spectrometry and 2 outputs olfactory parallel.
5-year followup compared to those patients with normal olfactory function [12].
One possible approach to early AD diagnosis is to look into the olfactory sensory dysfunction.
describe the so-called "space of olfactory perception" is that despite the large number of different kinds of olfactory receptors, and much larger variety of possible smell molecules to stimulate them, this space is surprisingly low-dimensional - so low-dimensional they say, that the best way we have to classify mixtures is in terms of pleasantness.
Raisman, a UCL spinal injury specialist, worked with surgeons at Wroclaw University Hospital in Poland to remove one of Fidyka's olfactory bulbs, which give people their sense of smell, and transplant his olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) and olfactory nerve fibroblasts (ONFs) into the damaged area.
Now, due to human modernization, the olfactory system has to deal with sensory overload from all the fragrances and aromas that surround us and still tease apart the ones that are vital," Herz concluded.
In crustaceans, olfactory sensilla, referred to as aesthetascs, occur on the lateral flagellum of each antennule (Sandeman and Denberg, 1976; Tierney etai, 1986; Grunert and Ache, 1988; Mellon et al.
This was highly suggestive of Olfactory Neuroblastoma.
The largest living animal that walks the earth has also overtaken the dogs in the animal kingdom when it comes to olfactory capabilities.
Hanns Hatt at the Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, found that in addition to having 350 different types olfactory receptors in the nose, human beings the odor receptors in the outermost layer of their skin, keratinocytes, as well.
Each of the two olfactory nerves detects smells by means of hair-like receptors (nerve endings specialised in detecting smells) in the lining of the roof of the nasal cavity.
Human olfactory displays and interfaces; odor sensing and presentation.